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Serving Colorado, DE, PA and GA online patients. Coaching programs in all states.

Focused Care Visits

Dr. Natalie will continue your mental health or hormone visits as is.  No membership required, unless you want full access. These are the only two types of visits that apply.

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Focused Care Visits:

  • Mental Health Visits: Dr. Natalie will continue to see you virtually or in-person
  • Hormone Visits: Dr. Natalie still sees men and women for hormones virtually or in-person
  • Membership Not Required
  • Integrative and Functional Approach
  • If you need more than one issue addressed, join the Wellness Experience
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Dr. Natalie’s Virtual Office

  • Dr. Natalie use a HIPAA compliant electronic health record to keep your records and conduct your virtual visits.
  • Scheduling is online
  • Any technology can be used (cellphone, laptop, IPad) for virtual visits.
  • You can be seen in-person
  • Don’t let your basic understanding of technology stop you!  It’s easy!
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Bring a Friend

  • You literally may want to refer your friends to Dr. Natalie!
  • You may invite a participant (spouse, friend, relative, assistant, or advocate) to join you while you visit Dr. Natalie.
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