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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine differs from traditional medicine by understanding the deep layers of how your body works, rather than just treating your symptoms. By analyzing physiology through a detailed medical history, functional and traditional lab tests, and integrative diagnostics, Dr. Natalie makes personalized treatment plans that regenerate your vitality.

Dr. Natalie Specializes In Autoimmunity Plus a Whole Lot More:

  • Autoimmune disease and the aging and degeneration
  • Gut Health
  • Integrative Cancer
  • Hormone Health
  • Integrative and Energetic Impact
  • Chronic Disease
  • Lifestyle Counseling and Wellness
  • Mental Health

Unlock Your Optimal Health and Wellness with Personalized Functional Medicine

My Approach To Your Visits

Functional Medicine via Telemedicine

  • Convenient access to care without traveling long distances or taking time off of work to visit the doctor
  • Accessibility for those who live remotely or cannot travel or do not have functional medicine in their communities, especially if many visits are needed
  • Time-Saving since travel time is not needed
  • Cost-Saving since patients do not pay for transportation, child care, or time-off, while Dr. Natalie consolidates and cuts down your reliance on multiple services, treatments, and specialists.
  • Increased Privacy as you may feel more comfortable discussing sensitive health information from your own home rather than an office full of staff.
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Prescribed Treatment

These therapies are integrative and specialize in nutraceuticals, supplements, energy work or may include compounds, bio-identical hormones or traditional prescriptions.

I am licensed in the states of Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Delaware. I see the lifespan of patients from infancy through advanced elderly adulthood.  The appointment calendar is now set to Mountain Time (MT).  Eastern Standard time is 2 hours ahead of that time.

If used a compounding pharmacy will prepare your prescriptions and deliver to your home. Traditional medications may be prescribed, and it is recommended that you keep your family physician and medical team, particularly in circumstances where insurance may dictate that.

Functional Wellness In Person

You can be seen in person and weave telemedicine appointments in throughout the year as needed.  Start off with a comprehensive physical exam after you’ve paid for membership, and develop a personalized plan for your year.

Dr. Natalie’s new office location is at 7035 Campus Drive, Suite 910, Colorado Springs, CO 80920